Çerez Örnek


We adopt the objectives below:

1-To make education services at our university suitable for the necessities of the time for the students with disabilities in line with the vision of our university and based on all the principles specified in the Quality policy,

2-To make university life accessible in the environment, education, and socio-cultural activities,

3-To carry out studies whose purpose is independent participation of individuals with disabilities in scientific research and social service fields,

4-To conduct social and scientific activities regarding the development of satisfaction and sense of belonging of students with disabilities,

5-To carry out interdisciplinary, innovative, and entrepreneurship-oriented studies to enable students with disabilities to access quality education in higher education,

6-To support research that strengthens university-industry-public cooperation that aims for the equal opportunity-based participation of people with disabilities in education and social life,

7- To support the participation of students with disabilities in national and international cooperative studies,

8- To continuously improve the accessibility services offered within the framework of the Disability Policy.


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